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Kristef Brothers Net Worth 2023

 America's Got Hotent Hotties Kristef Brothers has made it into the semi-finals. The brothers appeared until 2 days from the Audition of New York without shoes looked like a hobbit. The hand balance of Las Vegas Nevada is a hot biological duo that not only impresses the judge with their talents but admires the member of the female audience with their tight physique. The art form is always slow and emotional but the brothers have a different vision. They want to modernize movements and bring life and excitement into it. People come on stage with only Speedo. Aged 24 and 26 years. Their real name is the Christian and Stefan but they unite the names to form Kristef.

They have done their things since they were 5 years old who did the armrest at home. They have done it so long and have become true professionals but along the way they have their accidents. Kristopher has broken the bones, hands and bones of his collar practicing action with his brother. Their parents are also in the form of hand balancing in the circus. Kristopher has his son just a few days before two auditions. The son of Kristopher was four months old and he hoped to provide a better future for him. He has a great relationship with his father who has trained it at the hands of balancing and he hopes that he and his son can have a strong relationship too.

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