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Lilly Ghalichi Net Worth 2023


Shahs of Sunset salary $50,000 for season 2

  • Age 30

  • Hometown: Houston, Texas

  • Season 3 Salary: $100K

  • Net Worth: $3 MillionBravo's hit song, Sher's of Sunset, the latest work by Lily Garichi. She is a small fashionista wearing a lace wig and her hips are as small as her brain. Well, not so, Lily is well trained and comes from a family of Persian lawyers and doctors. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he moved to Los Angeles eight years ago. Lily said her three years of experience in legal education was difficult. She remembers falling asleep many nights and thinking she would never get her work done. While studying law, he decided to leave the law in pursuit of his love and passion for fashion. She starts her swimsuit line. Her favorite designer is Herve Leger. She has a wardrobe full of designer clothes, but she donates most of the used clothing. He was still practicing the law when he asked his parents for a loan to start his own business.Lily has many relationships with her failed relationship and is struggling to build her career and form friendships with the already established Shah cast of Sunset. It was her first fight to meet a girl who didn't like Lily at all, especially GG. Lily is definitely a Persian Barbie, and of course she will have many enemies. She also has a difficult relationship with her 10-year-old boyfriend. He eats a lot of junk food and claims that his apartment in Los Angeles is full of pantry potato chips. I can't believe I'm so small. However, he maintains his appearance with rigorous training at high intervals. She also doesn't drink alcohol. Lily currently lives in Sunset Boulevard with beautiful views from her 1,000-square-foot apartment, and she lives alone with her dog Coconut. But this round-trip trip between Houston and Los Angeles.

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