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Dr. Dre Net Worth 2023

 Dr. DRE has a long history. However, not only did he famous Rapper and a big name in the hip-hop industry, but also a very good businessman.

 Gather Dre has been there for thirty years that made his name rather valuable and famous in the industry. Also, he was recognized as the most famous artist at A.S. and internationally. Apparently, according to Forbes, his clean wealth was around $ 740, although some claimed that it was more than that.  

The Early life of Dr. Dre

As a child, he was only interested in music. Because of that, he wasn't too good at school. However, he was very dedicated and persistent while working on music skills he later turned it into a career. Throughout the school year, he often hanged out on the night after the Dark Club, where he would listen to many rapper and DJS appeared. Immediately he became his own DJ, which made him join a group called World Class Wreckin'cru. This is a very popular group in the 1980s which shook the west coast hip hop scene.  

Dr. Dre’s Rap Career

Gather Dre, together with his friends, started a group called N.W.A. Back in 1985. The group became famous for its explicit lyrics of their songs, mainly related to life on the streets. One of the most famous songs, followed by controversy, was the police. The complete album starts a new era in the music industry - Gangsta Rap.  After his second album, he decided to focus more on helping other young artists. So, he dedicated himself to produce their songs and albums, and helped them start their own careers. Therefore, an artist like Eminem, Tupac Shakur, and 50 cents have mentioned many opportunities that they will be forever grateful to Dr. Dre. Around that time, he announced the release of this third album, Detox. 


Dr. Dre’s Cars and Houses

When it comes to his cars, Dre is a big fan of luxurious and black cars like Hummer H2, BentleyContinental GT, Cadillac Escalade ESV, and Crysler 300s.Dr. Dre’s Overall Net WorthHe got 6 million dollars in 1992 from his first album, while 10 million from his second album in 1999. However, it seems that his income is greater and greater when he is involved in business, such as producing. All dre hard work paid off, gave him a net worth of 740 million dollars. Furthermore, according to Forbes, its net wealth will even increase in the future, which will make it the richest hip hop king in the world.

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