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Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2023

 Joseline Hernandez aka 'The Puerto Rican Princess', is the American Rapper, actress, and reality of television personality. He became famous as a member of the actor from the VIHI reality series 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.' So, here is the price of Joseline Hernandez Net and its biography. 


Joseline Hernandez was born on November 3, 1986, in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

His father died of a clear sooin overdose when he was a child and his mother was Carmen Hernandez. Joseline's childhood was quite challenging and he spent it in the Puerto Rico General Housing System. He has five siblings and my stepfather Luis. The family moved to Florida where he had to work at a young age. He first began to income by dancing and stripping the club at the age of sixteen. Joseline was in a long-term relationship with Stevie J, a Grammy award winning recording manufacturer, with whom he shared a girl, Bonnie Bella Jordan, was born in 2016. Joseline was arrested twice for vibrant and obscene behavior.


As we mentioned earlier, Joseline began as a stripper in Atlanta. Then, he met Stevie J. who helped him become a member of the reality series of VHI 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. "He plays the role of a singer and actress who aspires high. Joseline is involved romantically with Stevie J, who then establishes relations with the Mini Faust. The love triangle is a way of story about the show and viewers an average of 3.5 million per episode. Therefore, Joseline is a pretty popular place and accepts guest places in many shows such as' this hot 97 ',' K. Michelle: My life series and Hip Hop. In addition, he also made a number of cameo appearances in music videos, such as' games' I remember, 'Ciara's party and' I deserve it. ' Joseline also released single videos and music, including 'Church' and 'Stingy with my Kutt Katt. " Then, in 2016 he was part of the 'Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood' show that became the instant and large success. A year later, there is a special TV 'Joseline' TV where the birth of his daughter is documented. Joseline also appeared in syndicated talks showing 'The Real' in the same year. Joseline Hernandez has about one million followers on Instagram and Twitter and the YouTube channel is also quite popular. He obtained more popular with the main role in the TV series Lee Daniel 'Star' and his hosting was a real talkshow in 2017 '.  

Joseline Hernandez Net worth

Joseline Hernandez's clean wealth is estimated at $ 300,000. Most of the money he obtained came from the promotional tour of around $ 20,000 per performance. Besides that, he also gets a decent money from the reality show 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.' In fact, he gets $ 50000 in season one and $ 150,000 in season two. Thus, he is the highest cast member of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'. Although Joseline had a childhood who was very problematic and challenging and rough early, dancing and stripping the club, he had won becoming very popular. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, he had achieved his goal and became a very popular actress, rapper, and TV personality.

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