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Edward Snowden Net Worth 2023

 Edward Snowden is a whistleblower of the United States who has disclosed several highly classified information from the NSA in 2013. During that time, he was a subcontractor and a CIA employee. The result of its denunciation was the release of several global surveillance programs managed by the National Security Agency and others that were organized with some of the European governments. His actions were unclear before doing so. Two days after his denunciation, he fled to Moscow. A month later, the Russian government granted him asylum and allowed him to stay at least until 2020.  

Private Life

Edward Snowden was born as Edward Joseph Snowden on June 21, 1983. Her hometown is Elizabeth City of North Carolina. His mother Elizabeth is a clerk in the United States district of Maryland. His father, Loonie was a coast guard officer. Back in 2001, his parents divorced and loonie, his father, Remariois. He had mononucleosis in high school, which did it for nine months. Instead of returning to school, he decided to graduate online at the University of Liverpool. 

He is a really versatile person and he loves the language. He even studied the Japanese language at some point. At age of 20, he enumerated Buddhism as his religion in a form of military recruitment. During the presidential elections held in 2008, he supported the third party candidate even if he had sympathies for Obama. At the same time, he fell sharply to George W. Bush. After his departure from the United States, he married his girlfriend mills Lindsay in a courthouse in Russia. His current residence is unknown.


During the Iraq's war, he enlisted to the army to help free people who felt oppressed by the Iraqi government. However, a bad luck has led him to break both legs in an accident during the training. He was unloaded the same year. In 2006, he agreed to come to work for the CIA. It has been assigned to the Global Communications Division in Virginia. It was on many diplomatic tasks in Europe, especially Switzerland. In a computer magazine, he said he did not work too much to find a job because people consider him a computer genius. In 2013, for unknown reasons, he disclosed some of the secret files from many different countries. For example, according to the official statement of the United Kingdom, he has published about 58,000 files. In addition, a source of the Australian government says it has disclosed more than 15,000 secret files. It is considered the most popular denouncer in the world. In 2019, he published a book entitled "Permanent Record" in which he talks about his work in the CIA and fleeing some of the most important documents.  

Net Worth

According to several sources, its estimated net worth from 2020 is $ 8.4 million. It's hard to say what jobs he has made his wealth but we can surely say that his work as a CIA operator has a big piece.

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