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Marco Rubio Net Worth 2023

 Marco Rubio is an American politician and senator, currently serving as Chair of the Senate Small Business Committee.  


Marco Rubio was born on May 28, 1971 in Miami Florida. His parents emigrated from Cuba in 1956, three years before the Revolution of Fidel Castro. They did not become citizens of the United States before 1975. Many Rubio's parents came from Cuba as refugees.

He has three brothers and sisters, Brother Mario and Sisters Barbara and Veronica. Mario and Barbara are older than Marco, while Veronica is younger. Rubio attended South High School Miami, a graduate in 1989. He received a football scholarship for Tarkio College in Missouri, but he stayed at one year, before going to Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida. In 1993, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Florida. In 1996, he had a doctor's degree in Juris of the University of Miami Law School. Later, he said he had $ 100,000 of student loans, which he reimbursed in 2012. During his studies, he interned for various Republican politicians, including working on the presidential campaign of Bob Dole. in 1996.

Political Career

Rubio ran for the Chamber of Florida representatives in 1999. He barely won the Republican appointment, defeat Angel Zayon by only 64 votes during a runoff. He made the defeat of the Democratic candidate Anastasia Garcia by a landslide of 73%. Next year he ran for re-election without opposition. He spent four terms in the house of Florida representatives. Although there, he also worked for a law firm in Miami and in 2004, he had a position in Broad and Cassel. In 2005, Rubio became a speaker of the house, becoming the first Cuban-American to hold this office. 

United States Senate

In 2009, Rubio announced that it would work for the US Senate. He defeated the governor of Florida Charlie Christ in the primaries and won the general election with 49% of the vote. In 2015, he joined the Republican but abandoned presidential race after losing the Florida caucus at Donald Trump. Instead, he reviewed the Senate in 2016 and won 51% of the Votes against the Democratic Patrick Murphy candidate. 

Marco Rubio Net Worth 2020

Rubio has never had a business and the only source of its wealth is wages it has received from companies that it worked for and as a civil servant. The net worth of Marco Rubio in 2020 is estimated at $ 400,000.

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