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Semino Rossi net worth 2023



€ 10 million




May 29, 1962

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Pop singer

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Short introduction

He nearly went into a genuine "Baywatch" profession. However at that point the unfeeling heartfelt came through in him and he picked a melodic vocation. Semino Rossi, who loves dusks on the sea shore and has hitched his ebb and flow spouse twice, has been probably the best figure in the German pop scene for a long time – and could even liquefy the polar covers with his nostalgic numbers. 

Early life

Semino Rossi was brought into the world in Argentina in 1962, all the more exactly in the modern city of Rosario. His genuine name is Omar Ernesto. Semino is the last name of his family. Omar's mom, Esther, with whom he actually has a personal connection today, deals with her own youngsters yet in addition those in the space who have even less and stopped by to ask for donations. The seminos are generally extremely melodic.

The dad fills in as a tango vocalist, the mother is a musician and shows her child how to play the piano. What's more, Omar shows himself how to play the guitar. As of now at six years old he is sure that he needs to turn into a vocalist.
 In any case, it at first takes something else altogether. He requires a multi month ensured lifeguard course from the Red Cross and liberates somewhere around 15 individuals from the lethal floods in various missions. He additionally gives youngsters swimming illustrations and sings in bars on ends of the week. Be that as it may, no one has any genuine interest in the music of youthful Omar. In 1985, at 23 years old, he chose to leave his nation of origin and emigrate to Europe, where he expected more profession openings.  


His first way drove him to Spain, where he was basically acquainted with the language. He lives on the Costa del Sol, goes searching for work, asks in all lodgings whether there is a requirement for melodic amusement for visitors. Without progress. An old buddy proposes that he should simply attempt it as a road performer. Said and done. Without a doubt, Omar brings in sufficient cash to pay for his day by day expenses for food, convenience and dress. He plays in the city, strolls from one table to another in cafés and lives from the cash that individuals put in his grasp. He additionally invests some energy in Italy and Switzerland, continually searching for new freedoms to make music, until he winds up in Austria. Here, as well, he attempts to get by with road music, appearances in inns and eateries. The entire thing doesn't provide him with truckload of cash, however rather he becomes acquainted with "his first love" – birthing specialist Gabi from South Tyrol, who – done by his singing abilities – gives him a dime one evening. 20 shillings that should change Omar's life until the end of time. They wed in 1991. In the interim, Omar rearranges from one commitment to another, attempting to endure the droughts of the period by spending the colder time of year in Austria and the late spring in Spain making music. He additionally set up to different account organizations in Germany, however got no reply. All things being equal, he basically figures out how to land bigger orders as appearances in significant dance contests. In addition to other things, he upholds the World Championship for Latin American Dances in Innsbruck. Eventually he will even be welcome to a title in Moscow in the Kremlin, which will be communicated before 40 million audience members. The year 2001 is a pivotal year for Omar at any rate. He makes music at a private birthday celebration lastly comes into discussion with somebody who ends up having contact with Franz Koch – top of a record mark. Koch considers Omar a couple of days after the fact and inquires as to whether he may be keen on singing pop tunes. Omar doesn't spare a moment briefly, faculties his incredible possibility, despite the fact that he can barely express an expression of German – singing peacefully. His future chief rapidly misses a concentrated language course that goes on for quite a long time. Thus it is that Omar discharges his presentation collection "Alles aus Liebe" in 2004 under the name Semino Rossi. In spite of the fact that it sells effectively, it actually takes a short time for Omar or Semino to accomplish a specific level of popularity, which ends up being not really simple. The pop scene is searching for youthful blood, yet Semino is now an "more seasoned man". All things considered, it is Florian Silbereisen who allows him the opportunity to sing in his show "Fests der Volksmusik" – Semino Rossi's first TV appearance, and more are to follow. "At the point when the music is playing", "Welcome to Carmen Nebel" and the "Musikantenstadl" are on the program. Also, semino is turning out to be progressively well known, particularly among ladies. With the collection "I consider you" from 2006, he launch himself to number 1 on the German and Austrian graphs interestingly. This is trailed by his first performance visit and the second wedding to Gabi, which he weds in his nation of origin with his Argentinian family. Before very long Semino delivered 15 additional collections – not including the visit and extraordinary releases. The collection "So ist das Leben", delivered in 2019, additionally contains Spanish tunes, including a cover adaptation of the hit "Amoi seg mama uns wieder" by Andreas Gabalier. Semino Rossi lives with his significant other Gabi and his two youngsters Vanessa and Laura in Mils close to Hall in Tirol and as of late turned into a granddad.  

Career highlights

Throughout the long term, Semino Rossi has won various honors, including the Echo, three Austrian Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, two crowns of people music, the Goldene Henne, the Golden Tuning Fork and the Golden Gentian. He was ready to enchant famous just as noticeable figures with his singing, including Queen Beatrix, Andrea Bocelli and the Swarovski family. 

Amazing facts

Like his mom, Semino Rossi is socially dedicated, demonstrating that he sings about profound sentiments, yet in addition has them. In 2013 he gave the expense for an advantage show to the casualties of the flood calamity that crossed seven nations at that point. He is likewise dedicated to aiding the helpless kids in his nation of origin Argentina. On account of his assistance, various enhancements were made in the space of school training, convenience, sustenance and medication. Yet, he is additionally dedicated to Welthungerhilfe and the association of incredible minutes. Maybe an endeavor to offer back something brought into the world to him, since he says that his voice was given to him by God.

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